Sid Yardley

Sid Kintigh

Sid joined West Eugene Animal Hospital in October of 2021. She studied at Pioneer Pacific College, where she received her Associates in Criminal Justice.

She enjoys working in Vet Med because of the joy that animals bring to her life. It’s never the same thing every day, there is always something new happening or something new to learn. Every day is different and filled with new, amazing clients, and adorable fur babies. She discovered her passion for animals when she worked at Lane County Animal Services for 7 years. Knowing that we can be the reason for helping sick and injured pets, is very gratifying.

Her favorite thing about working at West Eugene Animal Hospital is there is always positive morale. Everyone is always uplifted by coworkers and management. The encouragement received here is something she never had working anywhere else. Everyone works together, not just as coworkers, but as family, and they all support each other.

Sid shares her home with an American Bully named Pooh Bear, who is the absolute best dog she’s ever owned. She has never had a more snuggly dog in her entire life.

Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with friends, paddle boarding, floating the river, camping, adventuring, and riding. She also enjoys video games here and there and finding new places to eat. She runs a couple of auction groups on Facebook that take up a lot of her extra time in the evenings. She says she’s a busy body when not at work!