Our pets can’t speak our language to communicate their needs, so it is up to us to diagnose their illnesses and injuries. The facilities at West Eugene Animal Hospital are well equipped to perform many diagnostic tests. An early and accurate diagnosis allows your veterinarian to begin treatment quickly. The sooner treatment starts, the better your pet will respond, and the sooner healing can begin. It is our goal to put your pet back on track to wellness and increase their overall health.

We offer high quality diagnostics including in house blood analysis equipment for comprehensive serum chemistries, complete blood counts, clotting profiles, thyroid testing as well as rapid testing for feline leukemia virus, feline immunodeficiency virus, heartworm antigen, and tickborne diseases, and microscopic evaluation of tissues and fluids.

In addition to this we offer radiographs (x-ray), blood pressure, EKG, and ultrasound.

More specific and in depth testing is performed locally and we get most results in one business day.

Animal Diagnostic Services Near You

To schedule a diagnostic consultation for your pet, call us at 541-342-5858.

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