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Preventative Care

Preventive care works well for pets and for their owners. In addition to saving money by dealing with problems before they escalate, you will also protect your pet from the stress and pain of a major illness. You will have peace of mind that you are doing the best for your pet. While accidents will always happen, chronic issues can be dealt with very well through prevention.

The first step in preventive care is a yearly visit where your veterinarian will do a thorough check up and run diagnostic tests on your pet to catch any problems. Many illnesses can be discovered before your pet has even shown symptoms. Together you and your veterinarian will go over strategies you can implement to improve your pet’s health.

Important points of preventive care include:

  • good nutrition
  • parasite control
  • maintaining a healthy weight
  • active lifestyle

Developing a good relationship with your veterinarian is a key element to your pet’s wellness. A solid team can better keep track of changes in your pet’s behavior and health, leading to better prevention. Though accidents and emergencies will still occur with a preventive care plan the majority of your pet’s life can be balanced and stress-free.

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